Gravity Filters

Gravity Filters

Task : Filtration. Method: Gravity.

Whether for cooling water filtration, the treatment of river, operating or potable water or the removal of iron from well water, ProMinent gravity filtration systems are suitable for nearly all filtration tasks. Best of all, they require no energy, wear parts or consumables. It doesn't get more cost-effective than that!

Say goodbye to pollutants!

In nature, water is part of a continuous cycle. Soft rainwater penetrates the surface and comes into contact with rock and natural and synthetic materials. As a result, various suspended and dissolved particles, organic and inorganic compounds end up in the water. These pollutants can cause damage when the water is used, so they must be removed. ProMinent® water softening systems and water filters provide the solution.

Example : Sand filtration

The gravity filter INTERFILT® SK is an open sand filter system with differential pressure-controlled backwashing and integrated backwashing water tank. This filter system is an extremely economical method of water treatment. Again, the advantages come to the fore: zero energy consumption (electricity, compressed air etc.), no consumables, no wear parts and no maintenance costs. So pick up that phone today! Our filtration specialists are here to help.


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